The Fear Hall
(the J.N. Fear Institute)
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The Main Hall

The main hall is approximately 9m by 15m.

The stage area can be stowed to maximise the size of the hall when the stage itself is not required. The stage area, consisting of fold-away rostra, measures approximately 6m wide by 3m deep and comes complete with house curtains and limited stage lighting.

There is a small dressing room accessible from the rear/side of the stage.

With the stage extended the hall can seat up to 120 people.

There is a small kitchen/bar area attached to the hall suitable for small scale catering.

The hall has access for the disabled and disabled toilet facilities are adjacent.

These facilities make the hall ideal for large meetings and drama or choral productions. It is also well suited to holding parties, receptions etc. and large fitness/excercise classes.

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